Drew's 29+ Singlespeed in Curry and Turquoise

Drew Contacted me last fall looking for a new mountain bike. After years on a custom bike by another builder, Drew had dabbled in the world of plus tires on a Surly Krampus, but he knew the geometry and compatibility was not quite what he wanted. We worked together to design drew just the bike he wanted: Something that climbs well, but can really open up on the descents. A plus bike that takes advantage of high volume and loads of traction, but doesn't feel bogged down. We also designed around a 140mm fork and a dropper seat post. Oh, and the bike had to be ready for the road trip he was planning through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana before he took the bike back home to Colorado.

It was really fun to have Drew come pick the bike up at the shop here in Bozeman. Getting to see his excitement on the first ride was a privilege - making people happy on their bikes is why I do this.

Drew and I were also able to talk a lot while we rode and went out for beers after. One of the things we discussed was what the custom bike experience is about. Whether you buy a bike from me or another builder, you are not just getting a bike out of the deal, but a relationship with someone who hears your needs and wants - someone who really gets to know you in regards to your riding and sometimes even more, and that is really cool. I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people building bikes and I am happy that I can continue to do so. Always happy to have customers come pick up their new ride.

Enjoy the photoset of what we built below:

Weedeknd Projects - my 27.5+ Klunker

Years ago I built my friend Art a "modern" klunker bike that used a 120mm fork and current geometry. It was a cool bike and ever since I have been kind of wanting one...

Fast forward a few years to last weekend when I was looking at my new bending setup for unicrown forks. When I first started building frames I mostly used unicrown fork blades. I like the simplicity, the way they ride and the major weight savings over a segmented fork. That said, sourcing pre-bent unicrown blades from bicycle tubing manufacturers is challenging as there just aren't enough options out there for the variety of bikes I build. So I quickly switched to the segmented forks you will notice on most of the rigid bikes I build... Until now. I finally had the tooling to bend my own blades, but first I needed to build a test fork. And I did! And well then a frame to go with it. So that is what we have here.

A modern classic - Fun mountain geometry, big tire clearance, and coaster brake only. Pretty cool. I have had a lot of interest in these frames so if you are interested I can build you one in a stock size - either Small (16") or M/L (19.5") Frame + Fork for $2500. Send an email to adam@sklarbikes.com or give me a phone call for more info.

Jeff & Paige's 29 Plus Tandem

This project was really fun for a lot of reasons. Not only was this my first tandem build, but it was for a good friend, and that is always cool. I worked for Jeff back in my engineering days. He is a super talented designer and it is really cool to have his support now that I am doing the bike thing full time.

Anyhow. The other exciting part was designing and building a 29+ tandem. This is Jeff and Paige's third tandem, and they actually do quite a bit of off-road riding. I think the big plus wheels are going to be awesome for addressing many issues that are normally seen on two-seaters.

We went with a 1x11 drivetrain, which allowed us to run the timing chain on the drive side and use modern MTB cranks. This was very helpful in dialing in tire clearances and chainlines. The 140mm Fox fork just clears a 29+ tire. Other build highlights are the Industry Nine/Velocity wheelset, Smooth Move bars from Rick Hunter, XT drivetrain with Zee brakes, and matching stems by me.

It was awesome to see how stoked these two were when they came to pick up the new bike! I am gald it is sticking around Bozeman so that I can see it from time to time. Can't wait to see the adventures it goes on!

Andy's B+ Bike Packer

Andy wanted a cool bike for daily riding on the front range as well as something that could take him farther. This 275 plus bike can be run rigid, with lots of mounting points for bottles and anything cages, or with a 130mm suspension fork if he wishes.

All around a comfy, playful nimble bike that can handle it all from a quick spin on the trail to a big bike packing trip!