Custom Steel Bikepacking 29er Mountain Bike

This build is fresh from Circles & Co in Japan! 

This custom steel 29er mountain bike frame was designed to be a versatile all around ride. Using Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts the bike can be run as a single speed, or be run with gears as pictured with a Shimano 1x11 speed drive train. The Signature swoopy front triangle provides a nice comfy ride while also allowing extra space for a frame bag. The custom segmented and tapered steel fork will make for a nice comfy ride and the anything cage mounts provide space for hauling extra gear on long bike packing trips.

Though pictured with 29" wheels, this bike will also run 27.5+

Circles chose the awesome curry-colored paint and decked out the build with awesome components from Chris King, White Industries, King Cage and so many other good bits. 

This should be a great bike for Mr. Murata in Nagoya, and I am excited to see it shredding around Japan!

For more information on custom mountain bikes and pricing, see the info page here.


Monstercross bikes have been around for a while, but the trend seems to have exploded in the last few years with more people wanting to get out and ride right from home, get off the road away from cars, and explore a greater variety of terrain.

Recently folks have also realized that tire manufacturers have a backlog of XC race tires that are only mildly heavier than a cross tire and share similar riding characteristics with the added benefit of high volume and tougher sidewalls - awesome stuff!

This bike was originally built for myself to try out the platform and it was a blast! Key features include cranks and an early prototype headset from White Industries, A 1x11 drive train with an 11-46T cassette - crucial for adventurizing. This bike also has a dropper post which is actuated by the modified left shifter lever - super trick.

This monstercross bike is running the Maxxis Aspen tires as pictured. The unicrown fork has a custom build "basket rack" to use for touring. I did a couple of multi-day tours on this bike and it was so good. The big tires provided awesome comfort and ease of mind when we found some rooty, rocky singletrack.

Monstercross is here to stay!

Yme's 27.5+ Steel Trail bike

Yme's new custom mountain bike is ready just in time for some fall riding!

This steel hardtail will be comfy on trails all day, but ready and confidence inspiring on the steep, rooty and rocky trails it should see out in Washington.

Classic build with Industry Nine wheels, King bearing, White Industries cranks and SRAM X1. I'm jealous! One of my favorite custom mountain bikes this year!

Max's SuperMüter

It's easy to forget about your commuter bike, to just throw something together and make it work. 

If you are like me, then you get out to ride most days, but the number of miles you put on your commuter bike outnumber or rival what you put on even your most purpose built bikes.

Max plans to use this bike for cruising around Bozeman's sunny streets (with some nobby tires in the winter time). This bike was also built with touring in mind. High volume tires (The Schwalbe G-one as pictured)  will make it a versatile ride on paved or gravel roads, or even singletrack and rough trail. A really versatile ride indeed!

Mom's new 27.5 plus mountain bike

My parents were never really that into biking growing up, so it has been awesome to turn them onto mountain biking and see them getting better. One of the perks of building custom mountain bikes is getting my family on really nice rides. My mom was due for an update, so this is what she got. Wider tires and nice angles for some confidence inspiring descending. We went with a 120mm fork which is plenty for the type of riding they like to do out in Boulder, CO.

It is cool to be able to get my family out on nice bikes and I am excited that this one will see lots of use!