Trail Time: Sklar Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes are where it all began for Sklar Bikes! These machines offer so many opportunities for great design, whether it be dialing in just the right combination of geometry, fit and component selection, or optimizing flex and feel with material selection.

Whether you are gearing up for a month-long bikepacking trip or just looking for your new daily driver, a well built mountain bike is one with the trail, one with the rider and one heck of a fun time!

The Story

Between spending many summers as a mountain bike coach, racing mountain bikes and exploring wooded single track with my friends every chance I can get, I have far more saddle time on a mountain bike than your average bear. All that time equals a lot of thought about the way a bike should ride and perform. When you are buying a Sklar, it's more than just a pretty frame. It's all of that experience bundled in to the most fun bike you have ever owned.

Design Philosophy

At Sklar Bikes a hard tail mountain bike is all about playful yet aggressive geometry. Something you can pedal all day, and holds nothing back on the descents. Whether it has plus-sized three inch tires, or skinny race slicks, we will work to develop an incredibly fun ride that truly allows you to ride how you want.


Pricing & Options

The "Standards"

  • Tapered Head tube
  • Post Mount Disc Brakes
  • 12/15mm Thru axles
  • Custom fit geometry and tubing selection
  • Hand built just for you
  • Stealth dropper post compatibility
  • Single color powdercoat





$ Pricing

  • Frame Only: Starting at $2450
  • Frame + Custom Steel fork: Starting at $2925
  • Complete Builds: Starting at $5000


  • PMW Sliding Dropouts (single speed): +$125
  • Internal cable/hose routing: + $300 per route
  • Paint/additional graphics - Starting at $300