Well shoot dang, the Growler was fun!

For me it has been quite some time since a race, and even longer since training hard and consistently for one. I suffered in this thing. I can blame the fact that there is still a ton of snow in Montana, or that I was busy building frames (both true) but I'm glad that it made me realize I'd really like to get back into killer bike shape, and I am going to make that happen. 

But anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about the Sklar Bikes Factory Team!
We had 5 strong pilots in the race including myself:

Ellen Patten:

Brae Patten:

Garret Gerchar:

And Arthur Nelsen on the coaster brake

It was way cool to have bikes represented at such a cool race, and also cool to have such good riders on them. The growler is brutal and I'm proud of how everyone rode. 

Post race was excellent with many growlers consumed and a serious recovery dinner. The legs are still sore today, but the next morning we went for a nice cruise around Gunnison and got some excellent Sklar Bikes Lifestyle shots (thanks to my brother)- enjoy them below:

All in all it was a super fun weekend. I'm going to have to keep doing at least one of these a year, it's really fun to see lots of frames together, hang out with sweet people and attempt to ride bikes fast!

Thanks for checking it out!