Blog post! New Shop space!

Hi Everybody!

It's been so long since a blog post, and if you enjoy reading these, then I do apologize.

So what's new? So much, really. I just finished school for the semester, I moved into a new shop space, and I am on to building bikes full time for the summer. So pumped, so stoked. So stoked to be pumped.

The shop space is very different than where I have been working, which has been an old, large garage. The new space is in a real shop. My little corner is really just a part of a shop that CNC's plastic injection molds and does some molding. The shop belongs to a mentor of mine, Tom Jungst, who built frames back in the day and has been an amazing and generous resource for me. I'm really happy to be here, the access to machines and knowledge have already made my building better and as always I am eager to keep improving. Anyway, here is a photo of my corner:

So that is all very exciting. But also MORE BIKE STUFF! Mike's frame and fork just got dropped off at powder to get Fire Engine Red'd, my race frame for the Growler is in the jig, a new chainstay mitering fixture is well under way. Here are some photos from that, click to scroll;

So yeah, all good stuff. Stay tuned for more!