Wow, it has been forever since a blog post, but I think I have something good to talk about today - Dropouts!

I have been thinking a lot about dropouts the last year or so. Dropouts are pretty important, they attach your wheels to your frame, and well, that's sort of a big part of a bike. Anyway, I think it is also an area that aesthetically can add a lot to a bike, and give a bike more personality. From a manufacturing point of view, different designs require a lot more time to build. The easier it is to build a frame or fork the better and faster the product will come together.

I really like the look of BMX style dropouts and I think that style goes along with the spirit of my bikes really well. No one else is really selling this style of dropout, so why not make my own!?

Brae has been prototyping a set of the 9mm axle dropouts for about 6 months now, I have done a FEA analysis on them and it looks like all systems are go! With mountain bikes going to way of tapered steerers and 15mm through axle, I anticipate using these mostly on cyclocross bikes, but they should work well for most any application with a standard quick release!

Fresh from the laser cutter!

What's that? You want a fork with a 15mm through axle for the ULTIMATE power transfer, efficiency and rigidity? (or just have it easy when switching between a rigid and suspension fork) well fret not, because I have got you covered there too! This dropout uses a Paragon Machineworks dropout with a custom lasercut (technology from the FUTURE!) gusset to make them atleast 100 times cooler. I am going to test out a couple of different configurations for this dropout and eventually have my own  machined from scratch, but in the mean time I am happy to build you a fork with them.


Well other than that things have been hectic in the shop. I am just putting some finishing touches on Tucker's frame that is going to be a ripping 27.5" bike with a 150mm pike. I also have two more front triangles completed that were waiting on some parts to be made. Those should both be complete next week before returning back to one frame at a time. 

Thanks for reading! I'll try and pick up posting here regularly again!