My new Cyclocross Bike

One of the undeniable perks of building frames is that I get to build myself a bike every now and then. It doesn't happen as much as you might think, but sometimes things line up and I have a little extra time to build something for me. I sold my CX bike this spring, and I have been itching for a new one since, and this is what I came up with.

After racing my first ever season of cross last year, I decided that one gear is all that I need. So this bike will only be single speed. I designed it around drop bars, but decided on risers at the last second - I will definitely be ordering some drop bars for it this week.

The geometry is pretty standard cyclocross. A slightly slacker head tube and longer front center (not by much) makes it handle a little more "mountain bikey" The bottom bracket is also a couple mm on the tall side, because I hate hitting my pedals on stuff when I am riding single speeds. The frame has some super curvy S-bend seat stays, ovalized top tube, matching stem and fork and plenty of clearance for 45c tires... in no particular order.

I took it on a test ride this morning and realized right away why I love cross bikes. Sure they are fun to race (and this one will be fast!!), but I love hopping on my bike in my driveway, biking a really long way, seeing cool stuff, finding new places and then finishing back where I started at home. That is what I like to do on any kind of bike, and in Bozeman, the cross bike really works well.

I left the house around 8, headed towards the Bridgers. I rode up a couple of dirt roads before spontaneously heading south towards Sourdough canyon. I intended to take this dirt road up and connect to the next canyon over, but they were fixing a blown out section of road and I only got up about 7 miles. Shucks.

Still, this bike flew up the climb, I was pretty surprised at how fast I moved. All in all I'm super pumped to be mega stoked on this super sick bike. I was going to take more pictures, but I was having so much fun that I only got a few:

PB&J Quesadilla!

Anyway, I'll be finishing up Steeve's frame today, building some forks next week and getting a start on Corinne's CX bike as well.

I hope you get out and ride, have a great weekend!