A bike for my mom!

It may surprise you, but I don't really come from much of a biking family. Sure I was always encouraged to ride, but only recently have I started getting them more on my side.

Anyway, up until now, I haven't built anyone in my family a frame, and I am stoked that my mom is getting the first one. My parents have been starting to get more into mountain biking which is awesome to see, but my mom has been riding one of my old bikes that was definitely way too big and a lot of the components weren't making things any easier.

For this frame I wanted to give her something that would be great for all around riding and confidence inspiring on the trail. To do this I built a frame with lots of standover (note the ST-TT gusset) and a slightly lower bottom bracket. That coupled with a medium chanistay length of 428mm, comfortable riding position and 69 degree headtube make this thing pretty freakin sweet.

My parents are going to Moab in 2 weeks to ride White Rim over a couple of days and this bike will get put to the test there, hopefully there's time for a few test rides first though! Anyway, here's what you wanted to see... the photos: