First... there was skiing

Bikes haven't always played that major of a role in my life. It's hard to imagine that at this point, but it was skiing that really introduced me to the reasons I love riding so much today. The two, despite their obvious differences, share a lot of similar threads and I think my inner skier manifests itself in my frame design. For this project that I have been working on, I have thought a lot about the parallels that tie the two sports together.

When I was about 14 I started getting into back country skiing. "Earning your turns" is rewarding for a number of reasons - no crowds, fresh tracks, unlimited terrain, hanging out with your friends in the outdoors, getting to go really cool places... the list goes on. I loved all of it and I loved the fact that I could get to the top under my own power, but most of all I loved the fact that I could turn around to send cliffs and pillow lines and rowdy terrain that I had only dreamed of previously. Work up, play down.


The more I thought about this, the more I realized exactly what I wanted in a mountain bike. Efficiency on the way up - nothing fancy, jut a capable platform that can go wherever I point it. On the way down I wanted something playful, nimble, fast, predictable - things that make it really really fun. That is why we work so hard to get to the top, isn't it? 

The seasons may be opposites, but I enjoy a well built bike like a good pair of skis. They feelings they bring are the same - exploring the mountains, camaraderie on the trail, work going up, and the most fun ever coming down.