Disc All Road

This Bike is awesome. 

When I moved to Montana I was a mountain biker. As in, I didn't touch those skinny tired bikes. But it didn't take me long to figure out how awesome a cross bike was for cruising around our endless dirt roads. This is especially vital in our long muddy season when the weather starts to turn nice, but the trails still have a few months of drying. Anyway, before long I found myself out on a cyclocross course in the fall and I was hooked there too.

This bike is a real do-anything-er. While it will spend most of its time on long all day rides of mixed road, dirt, gravel and single track, it will also get thrashed in some cross races come fall. 

Notable highlights are the Reynolds lightweight Sklar Frame and Fork with 142x12 rear, 100x15 front, Reynolds ATR wheelset and SRAM Force CX1 group.

All photos below are from John Watson of The Radavist