Sam's Rigid 29er Colorado Trail Bike

I have known Sam for a long time. In fact, Sam is one of the people who first got me into riding bicycles. That was back when he was actually a bike racer and not just a washed up racer looking to spend more time out enjoying trails and getting into some bike packing. 

Anyhow, Sam was due for a new bike after finding a crack in his frame from a production company. Design was easy, as Sam really knows what he likes at this point. The rigid fork provides lots of mounting options for adventure as well as that good ole reliable ride you get on a rigid bike. This frame would work great though with a 130mm fork. I am excited to see it in that set up soon - it's going to shred even harder.

While we toyed with the idea of building this as a plus bike, we settled on the "tweener" size - running a 2.4" tire on the wide Velocity Dually rim. This gives them a really nice profile and takes full advantage of all that volume. I may have to do this on my next bike. The frame will also clear a 27.5+ if he decides to pick up a new wheelset.

All around this should be a sweet ride for Sam for many years to come!

Photos by Morgan Taylor