Titanium All-Road 1x12 with SRAM AXS for Dylan

I would not say that this bike blurs any lines, because in the world of custom bicycles, the lines were never really there. Dylan came to me with some goals for his new bike - to get further out onto some backcountry roads in Northern California where he spends most of his time. He needed something more capable than his road bike, but more efficient than his mountain bike. Something that would be up for long days in the saddle and ready to dip its toes into some bikepacking trips.

This bike is dreamy, there is no question. The Titanium frame with clearance for a 1x and 45c tires is topped off with the best wheelset, fork and controls from ENVE, Chris King bearings all around, and that super cool new wireless shifting, SRAM AXS. The road brake/levers paired with a 12 speed MTB Cassette and derailleur means that Dylan gets an impressive gear range while maintaining tire clearance, simplicity and lightweight. This may be the first bike I have sent out this way, but I am certain this is not the last, in fact it is likely the new norm.

Anyhow, This bike is going to be a ton of fun. I know if it were in my garage it could quickly become the one that I grabbed most often, I am a little jealous that it is not.

Happy Trails Dylan!

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Titanium All-road/SRAM AXS for Colin

I joke that Colin is my number one customer. As one of my best friends he holds the record for owning more Sklar frames than anyone else, and while I don’t think he had planned on this bike, his last roadie was stolen off of his car last Winter and to both of our delight the insurance company had him covered.

Colin wanted to buy one more road bike for the rest of forever, so we went all out on the build. A pretty classic handling geometry will keep things fun for cruising up Los Angeles Pavement and fire roads, with a nod towards the stable for coming down trails or singletrack when that happens too. This frame will clear a 700x45c tire or 650x2.1” though it is currently setup with the nice SimWorks Volummy tires. It is nice to have options. It could run 1x but we have it setup with the White Industries road cranks.

2x gearing with the new SRAM AXS shifting provides a nice range of gearing, Wheels and fork from ENVE match well with the Titanium frame and seatpost for a lively, comfortable and responsive ride.

This is the dream all-road bike. I am excited to see it age and live on. I am sure it will see many iterations over the years, and to see the places it will go.


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Phil's Custom Titanium Cross/All-Road Bike

I first met Phil about five years ago at a local mountain bike race. We struck up a conversation after seeing each other out on the course - relating on being the only single speeders at the event. Fast forward to last fall and Phil was ready to replace his fourteen year old Indie fab steel cyclocross bike. That bike is still great, but with the new technology that has come in that time, there is room for something new.

It is always fun building local bikes and not something I get to do often. While I get to travel and ride in most of the places that my customer’s bikes end up, knowing the terrain and style of riding intimately well always makes designing a bike fun. While the masses seem to have smooshed cross bikes and road bikes together Phil still has a cross racing in mind, so this bike is on the snappier end of things. That said it is going to be a lot of fun and still comfy for all day rides on gravel or trail, for those months of the season where racing hasn’t quite picked up yet.

The build kit on this bike is top of the line all around. Sram Force for simplicity, Easton carbon cranks, Enve fork, bars and G23 rims laced to King bearings all around and a matching Titanium Seatpost. I can’t say enough good things about the Enve G23’s those rims are magic. This group is going to perform well and should last Phil another fourteen years and more if he chooses. Can’t wait to see it out there!

Reilly's Custom Steel All-Road bike

When people ask, what is your favorite type of bike to build, it is a hard question to answer, but I think I could easily point at this bike as a prime example of what I love about building custom steel and Titanium frames.

Reilly rides a lot of road, but was inspired by Shige’s Monstercross bike, as a lot of my customers have been since. These bikes are so exciting because they can really open a lot of possibilities for riders, letting them go places they would not have ventured before. A chance to get away from cars or go out in the woods - that is a great thing to be able to provide someone.

With these Monstercross or all road bikes i like to start with a familiar fit and feel. We add a bit of stability to the handling geometry and a high volume tire. Next the tubing is hand selected just for the rider. In this case a combination of Colombus Life, NOS True Temper and some Vari-Wall too will provide a snappy and responsive ride with a bit of comfort for those rough surfaces.

Reilly picked out a top notch build with full bearings from Chris King, HED Belgium rims (one of my favorite alloy rims), White industries cranks and Sram Force drivetrain and brakes. We also topped it off with a Sklar Titanium Seatpost and some controls from SimWorks. I have to admit I am a little jealous. Reilly has good taste.

Anyway, this bike is headed to Sunny Los Angeles, so I had fun shooting photos in the snow knowing this might be the last time it ever gets to see some.

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Dan's Performance Hybrid

Dan lives in Brooklyn, NY and he spends a lot of time on his bike. In fact, Dan works on his bike day in day out as a bike messenger in the city. Sounds like a dream job, am I right? Anyway, While he get's to ride every day, his work bikes take abuse and he wanted something nice that he could use on the weekends to go exploring with friends and do some more intentional riding. Something he could ride through the city and end up out in the sticks on dirt roads and trails.

We settled on a snappy light frame with some nice Colombus tubing. The bike is designed around 650 wheels. We built it up with the 48c Compass Switchback hills but it will clear a 2.3” knobby with ease. Dan picked out some choice American made components from the likes of Paul Components, White Industries, and ENVE. Top notch stuff.

This bike is pretty Sklar through and through. It has nice durable parts that will last a lifetime and work flawlessly while doing it. The material choice is thoughtful and intentional, a balance of weight and durability and performance. It’s no race bike though. Hop on this thing, hit the road with friends and get out there.

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Joe's Titanium Monstercross

This bike was built for my Japanese distributor, SimWorks.

The Monstercross category has been a big one for Sklar in the past few years. Perhaps it is my penchant for riding bikes on dirt and my disdain for getting in a car that attracted me to this style of bike and ultimately to designing and building so many of them. There is a really fun balance to strike between the pavement and single track ends of the spectrum when designing a gravel bike and tuning finding the perfect spot on that spectrum for each rider is a treat to be able to do.

In the case of Joe’s Titanium monstercross here, Joe had spent a lot of time riding track bikes in the city and this bike would help him to venture more off road, so we went with something a little more on the snappy and responsive side, which makes a really consistently handling bike and something that is equally fun on and off the dirt.

Titanium is a great material for this type of build. While the reduced weight is a nice perk, the subtle damping of titanium makes for a supremely comfortable ride and a very nicely tracking bike.

We went with 27.5 x 2.1” tires for this build, which look very proportional on this build. Simworks topped of the build with goodies from Enve, Paul Components, a Sklar Titanium seatpost and Chris King bearings.

All in all this bike is one that Joe can hop on and see where the day takes him, and that is what it is really all about.

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