Johnny's Custom Titanium Mountain Bike

Here is a really nice titanium mountain bike for Johnny over in New York.

We decided to go with a nice stable, modern geometry frame based around the 27.5 plus wheel platform. This is also one of the first titanium frames to feature the Sklar 3D printed chainstay yoke which allows for ample tire and chainring clearance as well as a short rear end.

Johnny topped off the build with a bunch of amazing parts. Pike Ultimate for suspension, SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain for super crisp shifting, wheels from Enve, brakes from PAUL and cranks and a headset from White Industries.

Happy trails Johnny!

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Greg's Custom Steel Cross Bike

As Greg put it, he wanted something to “conquer the world of Fondo... crush some CX races... get regularly lost on my local Forest Service roads.” I knew it was meant to be. That’s how I ride my bikes and I am excited about what we came up with for Greg.

The custom steel frame is a really sweet blend of Colombus and Vari-wall steel for a ride that is going to be light no doubt, but super responsive and resilient.

Custom geometry is a little hard to classify, but like any custom Sklar, you are getting a tailored fit and ride characteristic within my “design philosophy”. In the case of a bike like this, it means dirt-centric handling. It means designing a geometry from the ground up for the intended riding and rider. These gravel bikes are not cross bikes or road bikes tweaked to ride on dirt, they were conceived for this specific purpose with “shorter” stems (or longer depending on how you look at it), middle trail, lower BB heights and ample tire clearance - especially with the new possibility to pair Sram’s wireless drop bar levers with a 12 speed eagle MTB cassette. So rad.

Anyhow, Greg topped off his build with some really sweet components. The best wheels of all time IMO, the Enve G23’s, a G series fork, stem and bars. A painted to match Sklar Ti seatpost, Shifting from SRAM AXS and bearings from Chris King in that hot matte punch.

This bike goes in the category of dream bike for sure, and I can’t wait to see Greg out there getting it dirty for a long time to come.


Custom Steel All-Mountain bike for Blake

Blake is a Bozeman local - After a few year stint in Seattle anyhow. While there Blake got really fast at mountain biking and found out a lot about the bikes he likes to ride. While his full suspension trail bike gets him out a lot of days, Blake wanted a bike that would take him on some of the big Bozeman day rides as well as something he could load up with bags and do some bikepacking on. Of course it had to be fun day to day as well.

I am really excited about this bike because I think it is an awesome balance of all of those things. The steel frame clears up to a 29 x 2.8” tire with Sklar’s 3D printed stainless steel chainstay yoke. The 140mm pike is a great balance of trail capability and all-day pedaling efficiency. The geometry is definitely modern/forward geometry leaning with a 65.5 degree head angle and a 35mm stem. shortish stays keep the wheelbase in check. 1x12 as always with stealth dropper routing. I am excited to see the first set of Santa Cruz Reserve rims come through the shop, they seem like a nice option.

Anyhow, this bike is going to be a ton of fun for Blake. If I only had one bike… this would be it. So capable, so fun, so all around. Happy trails Blake!

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Titanium All-Road 1x12 with SRAM AXS for Dylan

I would not say that this bike blurs any lines, because in the world of custom bicycles, the lines were never really there. Dylan came to me with some goals for his new bike - to get further out onto some backcountry roads in Northern California where he spends most of his time. He needed something more capable than his road bike, but more efficient than his mountain bike. Something that would be up for long days in the saddle and ready to dip its toes into some bikepacking trips.

This bike is dreamy, there is no question. The Titanium frame with clearance for a 1x and 45c tires is topped off with the best wheelset, fork and controls from ENVE, Chris King bearings all around, and that super cool new wireless shifting, SRAM AXS. The road brake/levers paired with a 12 speed MTB Cassette and derailleur means that Dylan gets an impressive gear range while maintaining tire clearance, simplicity and lightweight. This may be the first bike I have sent out this way, but I am certain this is not the last, in fact it is likely the new norm.

Anyhow, This bike is going to be a ton of fun. I know if it were in my garage it could quickly become the one that I grabbed most often, I am a little jealous that it is not.

Happy Trails Dylan!

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Titanium 27.5+ Mountain Bike for Bruce

What can I say about this mountain bike? Not much that it doesn’t say for itself. It is light, fun, clean and capable. A really great trail bike that will handle just about anything Bruce wants to throw at it when it lands at its new home in Oregon. A design we came up with after discussing all of Bruce’s fit dimensions, riding goals, style and preferences.

The Titanium frame is built around a 140mm fork and 2.8”-3.0” 27.5” tires, good proportions at this rider’s size. Paired with some middle-of-the-road forward geometry ideas, this bike is going to feel familiar but more capable than any old school geometry hardtail. A really nice match for the lively ride of Titanium. Sliding dropouts allow for SS use when Bruce is feeling in the mood for that.

The build is topped off with lots of bits from Enve and Chris King, a Shimano drivetrain and Maxxis rubber.

This is a dream bike for sure, and one of those instances where sending it off would be extra hard if it were in my size.

Happy trails, Bruce!

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Titanium All-road/SRAM AXS for Colin

I joke that Colin is my number one customer. As one of my best friends he holds the record for owning more Sklar frames than anyone else, and while I don’t think he had planned on this bike, his last roadie was stolen off of his car last Winter and to both of our delight the insurance company had him covered.

Colin wanted to buy one more road bike for the rest of forever, so we went all out on the build. A pretty classic handling geometry will keep things fun for cruising up Los Angeles Pavement and fire roads, with a nod towards the stable for coming down trails or singletrack when that happens too. This frame will clear a 700x45c tire or 650x2.1” though it is currently setup with the nice SimWorks Volummy tires. It is nice to have options. It could run 1x but we have it setup with the White Industries road cranks.

2x gearing with the new SRAM AXS shifting provides a nice range of gearing, Wheels and fork from ENVE match well with the Titanium frame and seatpost for a lively, comfortable and responsive ride.

This is the dream all-road bike. I am excited to see it age and live on. I am sure it will see many iterations over the years, and to see the places it will go.


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