Custom Steel All-Mountain bike for Blake

Blake is a Bozeman local - After a few year stint in Seattle anyhow. While there Blake got really fast at mountain biking and found out a lot about the bikes he likes to ride. While his full suspension trail bike gets him out a lot of days, Blake wanted a bike that would take him on some of the big Bozeman day rides as well as something he could load up with bags and do some bikepacking on. Of course it had to be fun day to day as well.

I am really excited about this bike because I think it is an awesome balance of all of those things. The steel frame clears up to a 29 x 2.8” tire with Sklar’s 3D printed stainless steel chainstay yoke. The 140mm pike is a great balance of trail capability and all-day pedaling efficiency. The geometry is definitely modern/forward geometry leaning with a 65.5 degree head angle and a 35mm stem. shortish stays keep the wheelbase in check. 1x12 as always with stealth dropper routing. I am excited to see the first set of Santa Cruz Reserve rims come through the shop, they seem like a nice option.

Anyhow, this bike is going to be a ton of fun for Blake. If I only had one bike… this would be it. So capable, so fun, so all around. Happy trails Blake!

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