Jeff & Paige's 29 Plus Tandem

This project was really fun for a lot of reasons. Not only was this my first tandem build, but it was for a good friend, and that is always cool. I worked for Jeff back in my engineering days. He is a super talented designer and it is really cool to have his support now that I am doing the bike thing full time.

Anyhow. The other exciting part was designing and building a 29+ tandem. This is Jeff and Paige's third tandem, and they actually do quite a bit of off-road riding. I think the big plus wheels are going to be awesome for addressing many issues that are normally seen on two-seaters.

We went with a 1x11 drivetrain, which allowed us to run the timing chain on the drive side and use modern MTB cranks. This was very helpful in dialing in tire clearances and chainlines. The 140mm Fox fork just clears a 29+ tire. Other build highlights are the Industry Nine/Velocity wheelset, Smooth Move bars from Rick Hunter, XT drivetrain with Zee brakes, and matching stems by me.

It was awesome to see how stoked these two were when they came to pick up the new bike! I am gald it is sticking around Bozeman so that I can see it from time to time. Can't wait to see the adventures it goes on!