Greg's Custom Steel Cross Bike

As Greg put it, he wanted something to “conquer the world of Fondo... crush some CX races... get regularly lost on my local Forest Service roads.” I knew it was meant to be. That’s how I ride my bikes and I am excited about what we came up with for Greg.

The custom steel frame is a really sweet blend of Colombus and Vari-wall steel for a ride that is going to be light no doubt, but super responsive and resilient.

Custom geometry is a little hard to classify, but like any custom Sklar, you are getting a tailored fit and ride characteristic within my “design philosophy”. In the case of a bike like this, it means dirt-centric handling. It means designing a geometry from the ground up for the intended riding and rider. These gravel bikes are not cross bikes or road bikes tweaked to ride on dirt, they were conceived for this specific purpose with “shorter” stems (or longer depending on how you look at it), middle trail, lower BB heights and ample tire clearance - especially with the new possibility to pair Sram’s wireless drop bar levers with a 12 speed eagle MTB cassette. So rad.

Anyhow, Greg topped off his build with some really sweet components. The best wheels of all time IMO, the Enve G23’s, a G series fork, stem and bars. A painted to match Sklar Ti seatpost, Shifting from SRAM AXS and bearings from Chris King in that hot matte punch.

This bike goes in the category of dream bike for sure, and I can’t wait to see Greg out there getting it dirty for a long time to come.