Titanium All-Road 1x12 with SRAM AXS for Dylan

I would not say that this bike blurs any lines, because in the world of custom bicycles, the lines were never really there. Dylan came to me with some goals for his new bike - to get further out onto some backcountry roads in Northern California where he spends most of his time. He needed something more capable than his road bike, but more efficient than his mountain bike. Something that would be up for long days in the saddle and ready to dip its toes into some bikepacking trips.

This bike is dreamy, there is no question. The Titanium frame with clearance for a 1x and 45c tires is topped off with the best wheelset, fork and controls from ENVE, Chris King bearings all around, and that super cool new wireless shifting, SRAM AXS. The road brake/levers paired with a 12 speed MTB Cassette and derailleur means that Dylan gets an impressive gear range while maintaining tire clearance, simplicity and lightweight. This may be the first bike I have sent out this way, but I am certain this is not the last, in fact it is likely the new norm.

Anyhow, This bike is going to be a ton of fun. I know if it were in my garage it could quickly become the one that I grabbed most often, I am a little jealous that it is not.

Happy Trails Dylan!

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