Mark's 29+ Single Speed

It is exciting to get to know folks through building bikes, and Mark is one who I have gotten to know pretty well. This is the third Sklar headed to his household down in Durango, CO and I could not be more excited. Mark has been romping around on my old 29+ singlespeed for the past few years but he was ready to trade it in for something fresh.

This is what we came up with. A little more "modern" XC geometry. Something Mark can shred around Durango every day. It is set up dedicated Singlespeed with Paragon Machineworks sliding dropouts, a PAUL SS hub and White industries freewheel - old school!

If Mark ever decided to put on some gears though, the frame has routing for a rear derailleur and it is as simple as swaping out the drive side slider. So easy!

I am excited for Mark to get out on this bike, I know that he rides a lot and I know that he rides well. I am hoping to make it down to Durango at some point and see it there in its natural habitat.

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Hoss's Custom Titanium 27.5 plus mountain bike

This custom mountain bike project was a fun one!

I received a call a few months back from fellow named Keith, who was looking for a birthday present for a friend of his. Sounds like a good friend, eh?

We worked together to plan out this awesome mountain bike for Hossein to ride. The custom titanium frame is designed as a nice all arounder that will shine especially well on the long flowy trails with occasional techy sections - where it will mostly be ridden. The plus tires (seated on Enve's M6040 plus rims) should provide lots of comfort and traction and the 140mm fork won't let it get pushed around.

We went with a Shimano 1x11 drivetrain and a OneUp Components cassette extender. Hossein really likes the Shimano interface, but wanted that big gear for slow spins up long climbs.

Lots or Made in USA Components like the White industries crankset and headset as well as King hubs and a PAUL Stem top off the build. Good stuff all around!

This bike screams dream bike, or at least it does to me. It was a really fun ride to build and I can not wait to see it put to use!

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Custom Steel Bikepacking 29er Mountain Bike

This build is fresh from Circles & Co in Japan! 

This custom steel 29er mountain bike frame was designed to be a versatile all around ride. Using Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts the bike can be run as a single speed, or be run with gears as pictured with a Shimano 1x11 speed drive train. The Signature swoopy front triangle provides a nice comfy ride while also allowing extra space for a frame bag. The custom segmented and tapered steel fork will make for a nice comfy ride and the anything cage mounts provide space for hauling extra gear on long bike packing trips.

Though pictured with 29" wheels, this bike will also run 27.5+

Circles chose the awesome curry-colored paint and decked out the build with awesome components from Chris King, White Industries, King Cage and so many other good bits. 

This should be a great bike for Mr. Murata in Nagoya, and I am excited to see it shredding around Japan!

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Yme's 27.5+ Steel Trail bike

Yme's new custom mountain bike is ready just in time for some fall riding!

This steel hardtail will be comfy on trails all day, but ready and confidence inspiring on the steep, rooty and rocky trails it should see out in Washington.

Classic build with Industry Nine wheels, King bearing, White Industries cranks and SRAM X1. I'm jealous! One of my favorite custom mountain bikes this year!

Mom's new 27.5 plus mountain bike

My parents were never really that into biking growing up, so it has been awesome to turn them onto mountain biking and see them getting better. One of the perks of building custom mountain bikes is getting my family on really nice rides. My mom was due for an update, so this is what she got. Wider tires and nice angles for some confidence inspiring descending. We went with a 120mm fork which is plenty for the type of riding they like to do out in Boulder, CO.

It is cool to be able to get my family out on nice bikes and I am excited that this one will see lots of use!

Drew's 29+ Singlespeed in Curry and Turquoise

Drew Contacted me last fall looking for a new mountain bike. After years on a custom mounatin bike by another frame builder, Drew had dabbled in the world of plus tires on a Surly Krampus, but he knew the geometry and compatibility was not quite what he wanted. We worked together to design drew just the bike he wanted: Something that climbs well, but can really open up on the descents. A plus bike that takes advantage of high volume and loads of traction, but doesn't feel bogged down. We also designed around a 140mm fork and a dropper seat post. Oh, and the bike had to be ready for the road trip he was planning through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana before he took the bike back home to Colorado.

It was really fun to have Drew come pick the bike up at the shop here in Bozeman. Getting to see his excitement on the first ride was a privilege - making people happy on their bikes is why I do this.

Drew and I were also able to talk a lot while we rode and went out for beers after. One of the things we discussed was what the custom bike experience is about. Whether you buy a bike from me or another builder, you are not just getting a bike out of the deal, but a relationship with someone who hears your needs and wants - someone who really gets to know you in regards to your riding and sometimes even more, and that is really cool. I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people building bikes and I am happy that I can continue to do so. Always happy to have customers come pick up their new ride.

Enjoy the photoset of what we built below: