Phil's Custom Titanium Cross/All-Road Bike

I first met Phil about five years ago at a local mountain bike race. We struck up a conversation after seeing each other out on the course - relating on being the only single speeders at the event. Fast forward to last fall and Phil was ready to replace his fourteen year old Indie fab steel cyclocross bike. That bike is still great, but with the new technology that has come in that time, there is room for something new.

It is always fun building local bikes and not something I get to do often. While I get to travel and ride in most of the places that my customer’s bikes end up, knowing the terrain and style of riding intimately well always makes designing a bike fun. While the masses seem to have smooshed cross bikes and road bikes together Phil still has a cross racing in mind, so this bike is on the snappier end of things. That said it is going to be a lot of fun and still comfy for all day rides on gravel or trail, for those months of the season where racing hasn’t quite picked up yet.

The build kit on this bike is top of the line all around. Sram Force for simplicity, Easton carbon cranks, Enve fork, bars and G23 rims laced to King bearings all around and a matching Titanium Seatpost. I can’t say enough good things about the Enve G23’s those rims are magic. This group is going to perform well and should last Phil another fourteen years and more if he chooses. Can’t wait to see it out there!

Todd's Custom Steel Rigid SS Mountain Bike

After some time off the bike Todd was in the market for something new to keep it fresh. A bike he could hop out the door for some mixed fire road and singletrack rides or even hop in to some cross country racing, longer trail days or even some bike packing. This is the bike we came up with. A really fun middle of the road geometry that will be fun, light and nimble with the rigid setup. The bike is set up with “2.6in tires” (The Maxxis 2.6 DHF measures in at 2.45” on a 30mm rim) but the frame clears up to a 2.8” if Todd wants to go that route.

Todd opted for a Sklunk bar to top off the build, cranks from White Industries, bearings from Chris King and White, Stoppers from Hope in the UK and (gasp) a rigid carbon seat post from Enve. I couldn’t help myself from adding standard stealth dropper routing though if he ever comes around.

The frame runs Paragon Machineworks sliding dropouts, which means easy chain tensioning while the bike is set up single speed and a really easy swap to add a derailleur if that ever comes up.

All in all, this is a great versatile mountain bike that should last forever. If I had to have just one bike, a bike like this would be high on the list. Can’t wait for Todd to take it out on the trails in California and get it dirty!

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Alek's 29 x 2.6 Steel Hardtail Mountain Bike

A quick look at this bike and you know it was meant for some rowdy trail riding. Alek lives on Vancouver Island and wanted something to tackle those rooty, rocky and loose trails. We wend with a 150mm travel fork and some very modern forward geometry. Alek’s frame is also one of the first to use the new 3D Printed Stainless steel chainstay yoke which allows the frame to clear a 36T chainring, 2.8” tire and maintain a 427mm chainstay length. What else could you want?

The build is no-nonsense top of the line performance without going overboard on cost or weight savings. White Industries cranks, Chris King headset, Onyx Racing hubs and a drivetrain from Sram with the Eagle GX.

Excited to see this bike out on the trail getting dirty!

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Help design the first stock Sklar

The Sklunk Bar - A modern steel bullmoose handlebar stem combo

Call it retro, call it a throw back, we call it the Sklunk.

Though the look of this bar takes inspiration from the “bullmoose” handlebars of early mountain biking, the geometry and design are far from it. I built my first set of this style bar stem early in my framebuilding career, but a pair that adorned the famous “Sklunker” bike gained much attention and led to a flood of requests for this handlebar to be more widely available. For a long time I said no, as fabricating these one-off is a huge challenge thanks to the way the tubes connect on several different axis. A lot of thought and some smart design later, A bar for everyone has been born.

The Sklunk bar is made of 4130 Chromoly for durability, comfort and an approachable pricepoint.

The geometry of this bar is intended to favor mountain bikes, offroad tourers or anything with about a 70 degree head tube angle. The bar comes at 785mm width, which might be great for some. If that is too long, cut them to any length you like! At full width the “effective stem length” is 2mm. This is ideal for more stable handling on your dirt tourer, bike packer, townie bike or where ever you put your Sklunk bar to use.

The Sklunk bar comes at about 855mm wide, ready for you to cut down to whatever length you like as short as 550mm. The bar is optimized for a 70 degree head tube angle to give you 5 degrees of upsweep, a steeper or slacker headtube will change the upsweep of the bar slightly. See the drawing for full geometry specs. Raw/Patina bars will rust! Apply paste wax (included) when surface rust starts to appear.

Width: 550-855mm
Rise: 68mm from bottom of stem clamp to bar end
Backsweep: 14 degrees
Upsweep (70 degree head tube angle): 5 degrees
Effective stem length (785 width): 2mm

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