SKLAR - Built to Order

What Is Built to order?

sklar built to order.jpg

Since 2011 Adam Sklar has been hand crafting each fully custom built Sklar frame in his shop for one customer at a time. Besides offering frames built with the highest quality materials available, and building them with an extreme attention to detail, those custom frames have been the result of a highly involved and time consuming design process between builder and the customer.

Built-To-Order frames were introduced as a way to reduce the lead time for a frame and allow more people to access a fun, high quality made in the USA bicycle.

These bikes are the distillation of the Sklar design philosophy. A non-custom frame that represents the highest quality American made frame at a more digestible timeline and friendlier pricepoint.

What it boils down to is…

  • Faster lead times

  • Nice bikes

Current Built To Order Frame Models