Mystic Lake Over-Night'r

So, I am pretty new to bike packing and bike camping. It has captured my attention for a while though, because perhaps my favorite parts about riding are the adventures, exploration and camaraderie that comes out of it. I was psyched when Sam and Mike were up for a last minute overnight trip this Friday. Check out some photos and more words below...

Sam met me down at the shop at about 7:30 where we having the typical Friday shop happy hour (stop on by sometime! I'll pour you a beer). From there we stopped by the grocery store. I watched the bikes and handed Sam a five dollar bill. To my delight reemerged moments later with reduced price corn dogs and some happy cola gummies. Perfect dinner. 

The plan was to ride up to Mystic Lake via Sourdough Canyon where we would camp, make some coffee in the morning then cruise some tasty singletrack back to town. With it being nearly 8 o'clock we headed up to pick up Mike on the way out of town.

We cruised up Sourdough on the nice dirt road (see last post) but it was getting dark fast. We enjoyed (Sam in particular) some shirtless riding, sipped a little whiskey, and the light was going fast. Unphased by the darkness we continued for another 3 miles or so to where we made camp.

What's camping without a fire? Also note this advanced corn dog warming technique.

After hanging out for a bit we hopped in our bags, layed down and fell asleep pretty quick. A full moon made it a bright night, but I slept pretty well. Upon waking, we packed up our things and started pedaling the remaining mile and a half up some dirt road and single track (reallly really fun single track) to the lake. Man, what an amazing way to start a day!

Say "Cheese"

At the lake, we took a brake to make some coffee and prep for a big descent on Bozeman's infamous "Wall of Death" trail (more super fun single track). From the bottom of the single track descent were 6 more miles of dirt road with plenty of skids, jumps, oh and some nice raspberries too.

Back in town we stopped by the donut shop for a snack and then made some tasty crepes for breakfast.

What an awesome start to a weekend. I love how these short trips can be so low key, but at the same time just what you need to get that fix. We'll definitely be doing more for as long as we can!